The resolution on the case of Pacific Rim Vs El Salvador will be public in August

David Marroquín : El Diario de Hoy

The defense attorney for El Salvador, Luis Parada, said the ruling has been issued and will be released in the coming days. 

The resolution of the Pacific Rim law suit against the Salvadoran State could be made public in the middle of August, revealed Luis Parada on Thursday morning.

"The decision has already been issued in English, but has not been given to the parties, until it is translated into Spanish" Parada, who hopes that the decision will be favorable to El Salvador said.

"From the beginning, Pacific Rim began to tell lies to the court, began to say that he was entitled to a grant because it had met all the requirements," Parada said.

He added that "when all the arguments were made, it was proven that the company did not meet three requirements of the Mining Act."

The company sued Pacific Rim Salvadoran Government for $ 314 million, but the number dropped to $250 million for denying the operating license of the El Dorado mine in Cabañas.

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