El Salvador: Government reaffirms its commitment not to allow mining the country

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The National Roundtable against Metallic Mining (MNFM) met with the President of the Republic, Salvador Sanchez Ceren to discuss the environmental situation of the country, particularly the mining situation and submitted a proposal for an Executive Decree to definitively prohibit mining.  The President reaffirmed his government's commitment not to allow mining in the country.

The President, the Minister of Environment and Legal Secretary of the Presidency received representatives of the National Roundtable Against Mining- La Mesa, who presented a draft executive decree that seeks the suspension of metallic mining in the country, they feel the granting of concessions of the current the Mining law contradicts the provisions of article 103 of the Constitution as it does not establish the approval of the Legislature.

The President was very receptive of the proposal and said he would sit with his Legal Secretary to analyse, evaluate and take actions that could be taken in relation to the suspension.

Representatives of La Mesa also shared their concerns in relation to the upcoming ISCSID resolution in the case against El Salvador brought forwards by Pacific Rim/Oceana Gold, and the increased activities of the company through its El Dorado Foundation in CabaƱas, and through its participation in a mining conclave in Nicaragua, which increased media coverage in favor of mining in local pro-business media.

The representatives of La Mesa also requested to know the position of the Government on mining, the President answered that his government is continuing the policies of the previous government and therefore reaffirmed his commitment not to allow mining in the country during his term.

As for the demand of Pacific Rim/OcenaGold against the country, the President said that given the financial conditions currently facing the country, it would be impossible to pay the multimillion dollar claim required by the mining company. He also expressed his hopes that the ICSID ruling will be favorable to the Salvadoran people.

The representatives of La Mesa informed the President that in seeking support for the campaign against mining they have also met with the Archbishop of San Salvador, the Director of FUSALMO and the Minister of Education, who expressed support for the anti-mining cause.

The President reaffirmed that the Government cabinet is in line with the decisions of the Presidency of the Republic and are therefore are allowed to express their views regarding the mining sector.

Translated from: http://www.transparenciaactiva.gob.sv/system/ta/articles/images/000/022/315/large/WhatsApp_Image_2016-08-26_at_7.34.47_PM.jpeg?1472564438