Central American community groups work together on mining issues

http://blogs.united-church.ca/unwrappingdevelopment/files/2013/03/Vidalina-Morales.jpgBy Jim Hogson*

Vidalina Morales, a member of the board of a United Church partner in El Salvador, is part of the “Water is More Precious Than Gold” cross-Canada speaking tour. On behalf of El Salvador’s “mesa” of community groups, she’s talking about the struggle in her country to ban metals mining.

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Last Day in Victoria

By Jane Brett:

Friday morning, 15 March 2013.  Unfortunately, the previously arranged breakfast at the Legislature with Member of the Legislative Assembly, Rob Fleming (Environment critic), was cancelled very late on Thursday, preventing other arrangements for that time slot.  Instead, Vidalina, Rhina, Magdalena and Jane started the morning with breakfast at the café on the Dallas Road waterfront above the dive shop.  The coastal fog was so dense we couldn't even see the end of the breakwater, much less the usually dazzling 180 degree view of the Olympic Mountains across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We chose a warm spot on the deck where we could see the pilot boats –also the site of the visit (and protest) last year of the Chilean “torture ship,” the Esmeralda.

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Cadboro United Church

Photo Story by Grace Draper






Getting ready for our event- lots of tabling, coffee-drinking, and of course, conversation

 At 7pm, Ross White from Cadboro Bay United Church welcomes everyone. 




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Meeting with Activists in Victoria

By Theresa Wolfwood

Vidalina joined 17 Victoria activists at a potluck supper in Victoria last night. She spoke about her family, her community and the importance of the struggle to keep metal mining out of El Salvador and to save its rivers from contamination.

We were privileged to be with this intelligent, determined, courageous and committed woman. When she left, a light went out in our home. Thanks for giving us these precious hours together.

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Talk at Environmental Club University of Victoria

By Cory Greeless

At noon today, March 13, 2013, Vidalina Morales spoke to the Environmental Law Club of the University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

An audience of university students, social justice activists, and community members listened attentively to Vidalina's remarks about mining in El Salvador. 

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For Immediate Release

‘Water is More Precious than Gold’ speaking tour to challenge US/Canada’s international mining practices

WHAT: Salvadoran activists will travel to Canada and the US to garner support for their campaign to make El Salvador the first country to ban metal mining. The "Water Is More Precious than Gold" tour is part of a continent-wide public education campaign that is raising awareness about the negative impact of US/Canadian mining operations on El Salvador.

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