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To the people of El Salvador,

To the communities of cabañas,

To the organizations of the National Roundtable Against Metal Mining,

The organisations and individuals* who are part of the International Allies Against Mining in El Salvador congratulate you in the unequivocal legal victory that asserts the struggle that for many years you have conducted to defend your water and lands from mining exploitation.

We would like to express our commitment to continue to support this struggle that is a worldwide example against mining exploitation and free trade and investment treaties that trample the rights of peoples.

We will continue to support your demand for a mining law that permanently prohibits metal mining in El Salvador.

At the international level, we will demand that OceanaGold immediately pays out the $8 million dollars that the ICSID tribunal ordered its subsidiary, Pacific Rim Cayman, to pay to the government of El Salvador for legal expenses.

We will continue working with you so that OceanaGold, its El Dorado Foundation and its subsidiary Minerales Torogoz leave the country.  

In the memory of Marcelo Rivera, Dora Alicia Recinos Sorto, Ramiro Rivera and Juan Francisco Duran Ayala

*Individuals include Robin Broad, Stuart Kirsch and Wilson Muñoz

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